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When to Fire Your Copywriter


Copywriting is a little misunderstood. I know because I get asked regularly, “What is it that you do exactly?” and “What is a copywriter?”

At its basic level, copywriting is selling on paper (and hopefully closing too)! It’s the things you’d say if you were having a conversation with a prospective client, complete with the energy and passion you convey in real life!

team of professional copywriters working in a small conference room on their laptops

Sadly, being able to write, and being able to write in a way that engages your reader, are two very different things. We don’t just want people to read about your product or service, we want them to be curious, to desire to learn more and to ultimately contact you as a result of what they read! 

If this isn’t happening… time to assess how things are working for you. So here we go!

  1. Would you want to read your copy? Seriously! Is it engaging, interesting and to the point… or, is it as dry as a month old Triscuit?! If you find yourself reading every word and asking questions (or chuckling), great! Give yourself an A! But if you find you’re skipping words or the tell tail sign of eyes roaming around the page, time to call your copywriter in for a review.
  2. Do the words go on and on? Word walls are very real and when your reader hits one, they MOVE ON! Assess your length and where appropriate (articles, websites), use the heck out of tools like pull quotes, lists and info graphs. If you’ve been reading for a couple of minutes and there’s been no visual break, a demotion might be in order!
  3. Are you converting? At the end of the day, being a solid resource is great! But you know what else is great? Sales and money! Your copy should be funneling potential clients your direction on the regular so if it’s been a while since anyone has responded to what you’re putting out, it’s definitely time to make a change. 

To have a personal assessment of your materials or discuss how a copywriter can grow your business, contact me here! To check out what I do for businesses, take a look at our services.

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