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Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Authentic Copy


Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Authentic Copywriting

Your copy has to be authentic.

This is THE most important tip.

A great copywriter can write sales copy for you – and you can even sell like crazy! But that’s not enough.


Because if the experience the customer believes they will have doesn’t align with the experience they actually get – you’ve lost them.

professional copywriter working with client to find authentic voice

It does not take long to find companies that have suffered relentless online backlash from angry customers who felt mislead or cheated.

Take Hell Pizza for example, an Australian chain that switched its meat pizza with vegan “burger patties.” The pizza technically could have been considered a hit. Thousands ordered and an overwhelming majority (80%) reported being happy with the meatless meal.

So, what’s the problem?

Consumers felt mislead – they weren’t told about the switch and received the alternative unknowingly. Whether they liked it or not, a swift and massive backlash occurred, eventually prompting an official government inquiry. Talk about broken trust.

Let’s define it.

Authenticity in copy simply means as a customer – the experience I read online, should match the experience I have when I call you and that should match the experience I have when I receive my service or product. Authentic is being genuine.

This is the personal equivalent of “you can trust me to do what I say I will do.”

When you show up authentically, you build customer trust and trust builds loyalty.

Finding your authentic voice.

So – how do you know what your authentic voice is? I mean gosh… where do we start?

Not to worry. Being authentic goes back to who YOU are and your values. It’s that simple.

This is true as an individual and as a brand or business.

For example, let’s say that I sell cups that are environmentally friendly. Personally, I believe in saving the environment and it is that belief that motivated me to start my company.

I also believe in giving my customers something they can really enjoy. A quality product.

My marketing department does a good job of reflecting this, because I’m involved in the division and have clearly communicated the values to our team. We’re on the same mission together and it shows in everything we do.

business owner meeting with team leaders, communicating values of ownership and the company so the business can be authentic in all areas

But we’ve only focused on these values in the sales (aka online marketing) process. It hasn’t yet been implemented throughout the company.

Maybe because someone else runs that division and I’m not personally involved. Maybe because we grew too fast. Who knows? This happens often for a number of different reasons.

But I’m starting to have customers who are really attracted to my product and feel that what I’m saying is genuine. Their values align with ours and they start purchasing – a lot.


Just one problem.

When the cups arrive, the packaging is plastic. It’s not eco-friendly. And it’s cluttered with a couple of useless inserts. All of the sudden, my customers – either consciously or unconsciously – start wondering if our company is really serious about our values.

Were we being authentic or were we doing what we needed to make a sale? Hard to tell when what we promised in our online copy doesn’t match the experience from other divisions.

If you’re not clear on your values, here are a few questions to help:

Think of a time when you were extremely proud of your actions – what values were you reflecting?

Think of a time when you extremely ashamed of your actions – what values were you reflecting?

What values do you admire when you see them in action?

What values do you disapprove of when you see them in action?

What values do you feel you could not live without?

What values motivated you as you built your business?

What values are currently reflected in your business and which do you consider positive or negative?

If you could consistently achieve only two to three values individually, what would they be?

If you could consistently achieve only two to three values as an organization, what would they be?

Still stuck? In my Copywriting Secrets Freebie I provide over 30 core values you can use!

Remember, if you’re being genuine – then the online copy will authentically reflect the experience your customer has with you – start to finish.

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