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How To Hire A Copywriter: 3 Expert Tips From a Real Copywriter


how to hire a copywriter

So you’ve decided to hire a good copywriter but are wondering the how of the question. That is, you’re how to hire a copywriter.

As a professional writer and marketer, I’ve learned a few key things that will help you make the best choice when it comes to copywriting.  

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How & Where to Begin Your Search

Range is important. Most people start their search for a copywriter on the internet, (as we do for most items in our life)! The thing is, the first result to come up may not be the best writer, they may just have a big marketing budget. Take the time to investigate their experience, writing samples, and writing style. You want to make sure they’ll be able to accurately capture your voice as well as provide a great copy with quality on your subject matter.

Choose Quality Over Cost

Choose quality over cost. I remember when I was working with someone who had requested blog posts for a personal training business. The blogs came in at a great price for the client but they suggested that a personal trainer could help you get fit by “taking longs walks on the beach with you”! Ummmm, what? Not only did the author completely miss the mark on the industry, but the blog also required a total rewrite due to spelling, grammatical errors, and other copywriting basics. Don’t skimp on quality content that you can use over a cheap cost for garbage.

Personality is Important

Choose someone you enjoy working with! Most people I work with are heavily invested in their businesses. They’re proud of what the legacy they’ve built and they want someone who appreciates their passion. Whether you’re hiring a copywriter for a one-time project (like a website design or presentation review) or a long-term relationship (like blogs, landing pages, social media posts), the point of hiring an expert is to offload some of the stress those tasks can cause. Don’t add it right back by working with someone who has too large of an ego to come alongside your vision for your company.

If these simple tips sound simple, it is because they are and are meant to be. Hiring a great copywriter doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be done right.

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