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4 Simple Ways To Make An Impact on People Around You


Recently at my apparel company, Celiac Cutie, we instituted a pay-it-forward giveaway. So instead of tagging fifteen of your closest friends to secure your spot for some swag, all you had to do was tag one person. The catch was, this person had to be a positive impact in your life and you had to tell them why. That’s it!

using video conferencing to keep in touch with clients and friends who have had a positive impact on your life

To date, this giveaway was the most active we’ve ever done with stories pouring out like sweet chocolate sauce! And it occurred to me, the themes in these comments are pretty much a playbook on how to be a good friend!

So here goes, four simple ways to make an incredible impact on the people around you.

Stay positive.

The number of times this was mentioned was overwhelming. Things like, “She is always so positive” or “They can always cheer me up when I’m down” were consistently repeated. It doesn’t mean that you can’t deal with your own down days but focusing on the positive in EVERY situation has a powerful effect on how you make it through your life and how those around you do the same.

Work hard.

It seems like working hard would only benefit you but to be honest, this was one of the biggest traits mentioned. You don’t have to act like you have a perfect life. In fact, those who don’t and are real about their battles while OVERCOMING them, become a huge source of inspiration to those around them.

Offer Resources

When someone is going through something like an auto-immune disease that affects their food choices, taking the time to find a new restaurant or pick up a product for them means the world! But it’s not just applicable to your friend with Celiac – no matter what challenge your loved one has, you can simply make a difference by staying on the lookout for something that might make their life a little easier (bonus point for showing up with it)!

Be there.

Overwhelmingly, the number one thing entries listed was emotional support. “He’s always been there for me” and “She just listens to me when I’ve had a bad day”, showed up over and over and over. This incredibly powerful way to impact someone else’s life is simply about showing up and listening to someone else. You don’t have to solve the problem, you don’t have to share your similar experiences, you just have to take some time. In a world where our attention spans are quickly evaporating, spending time to just listen seems to mean more than ever.

If you want to read some of these amazing stories, head over to Until then, try implementing a few of the suggestions above and don’t be surprised when someone nominates you as the person who changed their life!

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